Enjoy barista style coffee in the office

Become the new office hero... improve your barista skills

When you have a traditional coffee machine installed in the office, you definitely want to get the best result out of it!
What makes an espresso a real espresso? How do you froth that milk perfectly? What is the ideal grind for coffee beans?
We have an experienced barista in-house who will give you and your staff an introduction to coffee and the machine. In the barista training we organize for our clients, you will learn the tricks of the trade in one of showrooms in East London, Port Elisabeth, Cape Town or Pretoria, or on location at your establishment.

100% barista coffee service

To accompany our freshly roasted coffee and traditional coffee machines, we offer an extensive range of barista tools and essentials. Enjoy barista-style coffee quality in the office with an espresso coffee machine and barista essentials ordered all at the same time. 

Enquire about our great range of barista equipment: tampers, milk jugs, knock box,… You’ll find all the accessories a barista needs to create a signature coffee. 

Interested in having 1 supplier for your workplace coffee machine and barista accessories? Get in touch with our team!

Create your own signature coffee

During the barista training, you will learn all about the latest espresso trends, milk frothing and the adjustment, maintenance and use of the grinder and espresso machine. After a brief introduction, it is really hands-on: practice and practice again is the message. And yes, our barista will of course also teach you the tips & tricks for making beautiful figures in the espresso with steamed milk. Like a true latte artist, you will learn how to poor the frothed milk expertly and impress your colleagues!

All our barista training courses are exclusive for customers.

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