Find the perfect accompaniment for your coffee

extensive range of coffee ancillaries

For many of us, enjoying a fresh cup of coffee or tea to start the working day in the office is a daily ritual. Being able to make a delicious cup of coffee in the morning allows you to start your morning right. Of course, the perfect cup of coffee or tea doesn’t just require high-quality ingredients, but also all of the ancillaries that go with it.

From sugar sticks to give a sweet taste to your tea, to the biscuits that add a little bit of indulgence to your afternoon sip. With a steady supply of coffee consumables on hand, your employees have the freedom to enjoy their coffee just the way they like it. So, enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with our range of ancillaries.

We offer an extensive range of coffee consumables that can be sent straight to your workplace along with your shipment of coffee beans or when you rent or buy an office coffee machine.

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Sugar Sticks

For many office employees, their daily cup of tea or coffee is one of the most integral parts of their day. When it comes to making their daily cup, each person has their own unique way of creating a brew that’s just right. Having access to brown and white sugar sticks allows those who like a sip on the sweet side to have the ultimate coffee break.

Sugar not only acts as a sweetening agent, but also enhances the natural flavours of tea and coffee, whilst counteracting any bitterness that may come from the roast, creating a uniquely delicious taste. With our variety of brown and white sugar sticks and other coffee consumables, we ensure that you have all the ingredients to create your perfect cup at the tip of your fingers.


The act of dunking your biscuit into your coffee can sometimes be as addicting as the coffee itself. It’s a daily ritual, with a biscuit acting as the companion to your morning brew. At Corporate Coffee Solutions we understand this.

That’s why we provide an array of biscuits to compliment the flavour of your coffee. These delicious bites should be supplied within the office as a simple snack for which employees can grab and go. In a fast-paced environment it can be easy to forget to set aside time for a proper meal, so having an option on hand to boost your blood sugar, as well as your mood is essential.

Thanks to the range of biscuits and Biscoff speculoos, all of which are individually wrapped to keep them fresh and crunchy, you’ve got the perfect treat to complete your coffee or tea.

Fresh Milk - consumables

Dairy Products

Milk is an essential part of the coffee experience, as not everybody has the palette for a strong shot of pure espresso. The addition of milk helps to cater to every employee’s tastes as well as provide a varied menu of offerings to clients.

Plus, providing dairy products to your employees can additionally aid their coffee creation skills, like latte art and improved milk frothing abilities, capabilities that can go far with employee morale.

If you’re looking to enjoy a creamy coffee, then enjoy the taste and benefits of individual packed portions of coffee creamer. These milk cups are light and creamy to make your coffee taste great. They are perfect for any office pantry and can be stored outside the refrigerator.