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Office Coffee Blog, Tips & Latest Trends

Get inspired and amaze your colleagues and visitors with beautiful latte art, specialized brewing techniques, or find out about the latest trends in coffee. Our team of coffee aficionados follow closely what’s trending in coffee bars and corporate coffee corners in South Africa, Namibia and all over the world and love to share their passion with you!

Grab your favourite mug, find a comfy chair and take a stimulating journey into the fascinating world of coffee and the multitude of topics within. Share in our passion for a quality cuppa experience, for how it brings people together to enhance our great culture. There is so much to appreciate about the humble coffee bean that should be celebrated.

As suppliers of quality coffee machines and coffee to offices small and large in Windhoek (NA), East London, Pretoria, Port Elisabeth and Cape Town, we know a few things about coffee. Yet we continue to learn new things about it the more we explore and talk with coffee connoisseurs around the world. We hope you enjoy reading through our blog articles about coffee as much as you love coffee itself.

different types of coffee machines

10 Different Types of Coffee Machines: A Buying Guide

Are you the go-getter who’s first in the door at ten to nine, switching on the lights and fumbling for the coffee beans before your eyes are fully open? The slow burner, who cradles a large latte in the late morning like it’s company whilst

choosing a coffee machine

8 Tips For Choosing a Coffee Machine

Have you been thinking about adding a coffee machine to your office break room? If yes, then chances are you’ve been daydreaming about the benefits of coffee machines or choosing a coffee machine that perfectly caters to your staff and all their Java needs.  But

common coffee machine problems

How To Avoid Common Coffee Machine Problems?

All office coffee machines go through a fair amount of cleaning and maintenance over the course of their usable lifespan. And it’s clear to see why coffee machine problems continue to rise. These machines are filled up with coffee beans, cocoa powders, milk, and water

Buy Vs Lease A Coffee Machine

Buy Vs Lease Coffee Machine: Which Is Best?

Nothing beats the sweet aroma of coffee wafting through the workplace in the morning. Which always comes into question when considering to buy vs lease a coffee machine. A good cuppa joe can be the perfect antidote to the 3pm slump, the fuel for your

Why you should invest in a coffee machine for the staff room

Having a coffee machine in the school staff room can provide a number of benefits for teachers. From boosting energy levels to improving staff morale, a commercial coffee machine can play an important role in promoting a positive and productive work environment. Whether it’s a


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