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Fully Automatic Coffee Machines For Your Office

Find The Right Automatic Coffee Machine In South Africa

Automatic coffee machines are designed to be elegant and functional for your office space. Our automatic machines are easy to use and will deliver quality coffee at the touch of a button, whether it is an espresso, cappuccino, flat white or long black in seconds.

Most fully automatic coffee machines will grind coffee beans, froth creamy milk and dispense shots of espresso. Furthermore, our range of coffee machines in South Africa has added features with LED screens and touch controls that give you a full range of options to customise your coffee experience. These may include, coffee variety, temperature control and coffee volume.

Offering the perfect blend of simplicity, speed and coffee quality, an automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine is going to be the best option for most businesses in South Africa. We also offer a range of coffee vending machines available with distinctive design and intuitive technology perfect for high-volume sites where low cost-per-cup is a priority.

Our wide range of automatic coffee machines is the perfect solution for your workplace setting. Enjoy perfectly crafted coffee just the way you like it within peak moments of the day in busy offices, hospital canteens, or schools and universities. 

Fresh milk coffee machine or powdered milk

At Corporate Coffee Solutions, we supply a range of automatic coffee machines with powdered milk or fresh milk. If you compare a coffee vending machine and a fresh milk machine for office use, don’t base your decision solely on perception of taste. Both have their advantages:

  • An automatic coffee vending machine with powdered milk wins out on practicality, allowing for consistent quality, limited cleanup time and easy maintenance.
  • An automatic coffee machine with fresh milk offers supreme taste and invigorating aromas, but taking into account daily cleaning and regular maintenance is key to producing top-quality coffee.

Whether you are looking for an espresso machine, capsule coffee machine or a filter coffee machine to suit your office setting. To get that delicious espresso or latte out of these automatic coffee machines is to put high-quality coffee products into these machines. That’s why at Corporate Coffee Solutions, we offer our own range of coffee products and brands that includes fresh roasted coffee, powdered milk and coffee consumables to go along with your perfect cup.

delicious coffee for coffee vending machines

Automatic coffee machines have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience and accessibility. These machines allow you to easily get a hot cup of coffee with just the push of a button. One of the main benefits of a coffee vending machine is its ability to serve a large number of people in a short amount of time. 

One of the key factors to consider when it comes to coffee vending machines are fresh coffee beans and freeze-dried coffee.

  • Fresh coffee beans are ground and brewed on demand, which provides a rich and flavourful cup of coffee. However, this type of coffee can be more expensive and requires more maintenance, as the beans need to be kept fresh and the coffee machine needs to be cleaned regularly.
  • On the other hand, freeze-dried coffee is made by removing the water from freshly brewed coffee and then rehydrating it when the user selects their drink. This type of coffee is more affordable and requires less maintenance, as it has a longer shelf life and doesn’t require cleaning as frequently.

corporate coffee solutions south africa

Here at Corporate Coffee Solutions, we offer a range of premium-quality automatic coffee machines in South Africa for rent or purchase. That way, you can have the best coffee experience for your company, whilst also selecting an option that works with your budget.

We help you find the best coffee solution and then take care of the installation of your office coffee equipment, coffee supply and servicing.

Our service is personal, convenient and affordable, and will have you sipping top quality coffee in no time at all!

Enquire today or call us on 012 543 0067.


An automatic coffee machine is a device that simplifies the process of making coffee. It grinds the coffee beans, tamps the coffee, and extracts the espresso, all at the touch of a button. These machines are designed for convenience and consistency, making them perfect for office environments. With an automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine, you can enjoy a fresh, high-quality cup of coffee with minimal effort.

Automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines are excellent for those who value convenience and consistency in their coffee. These machines take care of the entire brewing process, from grinding the beans to extracting the espresso. They are particularly beneficial in busy settings like offices, where time and ease of use are crucial. With advancements in technology, automatic machines now offer a range of customisation options, ensuring a quality cup every time.

Fully automatic coffee machines work by automating the coffee brewing process. Once you add coffee beans and water, the machine grinds the beans, measures the right amount of coffee, and presses it with the correct pressure. It then runs hot water through the coffee to create the perfect espresso. Some models also include milk frothing capabilities for cappuccinos and lattes. The automation ensures a consistent and high-quality coffee experience with minimal input.

The best automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors like the size of the machine, the type of coffee it makes, its features, and ease of cleaning. Corporate Coffee Solutions offers a range of machines catering to different requirements, from compact models for small offices to advanced machines for coffee aficionados. It’s advisable to assess your daily coffee consumption and desired features before making a choice.

Buying an automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine is a great investment if you value convenience, speed, and consistency in your coffee-making process. They are particularly beneficial in office settings where they can save time and cater to various preferences with ease. Consider your coffee consumption habits, the number of users, and your budget when deciding. An automatic machine can be a worthy addition to any coffee-loving environment.




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