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The Best Capsule Coffee Machine For Your Business

Capsule Machines In South Africa

Corporate Coffee Solutions’ capsule coffee machines embody the pinnacle of advanced technology, delivering a genuine and rich coffee experience that combines tradition with convenience. Each capsule machine is distinct, and equipped with various features tailored to meet your specific requirements. Thanks to their compact dimensions, water tank, and pod coffee machines can fit anywhere in your business: they are the eyecatchers in open landscape offices, the boardroom or in the meeting room. Explore a blend of innovative design, sophistication, and functionality, ideal for enhancing your coffee space.

Our range provides numerous options for savouring a true Italian espresso and other delightful coffee preparations. Designed with authenticity in mind, every machine ensures that each cup you enjoy is a true reflection of the classic coffee experience. Get your caffeine fix sorted the moment you walk into the office with a capsule machine, you will have your coffee in no time.

Personalise Your Capsule Machine with Diverse Coffee Pods

A coffee pod machine and capsules freshly roasted coffee are a great way to enjoy the delicious aromas of espresso coffee in the office.  It’s an easy and convenient way to offer a personalised capsule coffee experience to staff, customers and visitors.

At Corporate Coffee Solutions, we offer Caffitaly capsule coffee machines and compatible coffee pods. Our coffee pod machine brews coffee using single-use, pre-measured coffee pods. Simply insert a pod, press ‘brew,’ and the machine punctures the pod, allowing hot water to flow through and make your coffee. We also supply a selection of Nespresso© compatible, biodegradable coffee brands and capsules with Fairtrade coffee.

The coffee capsules we supply are the result of many years of experience in blending and roasting coffee. Just insert one of our coffee pods in the capsule machine to unlock the aromas and flavour. With so many choices to suit everyone’s taste, there is no reason not to go for our convenient capsule coffee machine in South Africa.


Here at Corporate Coffee Solutions, we offer a range of premium-quality capsule machines for rent or purchase. That way, you can have the best coffee experience for your company, whilst also selecting an option that works with your budget.

We help you find the best coffee solution and then take care of the installation of your office coffee equipment, coffee supply and servicing. Whether you are looking for a traditional espresso machine, an automated coffee machine or a bulk brew coffee machine, we have you covered. 

Get the most premium capsule coffee machine for your office with a wide variety of coffee capsules. Enquire today with our Corporate Coffee Solutions team to make your coffee dreams come true. Call us on 012 543 0067.

Frequently Asked Questions About Capsule Coffee Machines in South Africa

To use a capsule coffee machine, first fill the water tank and turn on the machine to preheat. Then, insert a coffee capsule into the compartment and place your cup under the spout. Press the brewing button to make your espresso, and after brewing, eject the used capsule. Regular cleaning and descaling are recommended to maintain the machine’s performance.

Coffee Capsules are small, rigid plastic or metal containers sealed with aluminium foil. They are designed to be used with specific types of machines, like Caffitaly or Nespresso. Capsules create a consistent brew by controlling the coffee’s exposure to water and pressure. Coffee Pods, on the other hand, are coffee grounds encapsulated in a paper filter, shaped like a flat disc. They are universally compatible with many machines and are akin to tea bags but for coffee. Pods often offer a softer flavour profile compared to capsules.

Both capsules and pods offer convenience and a variety of flavours. However, capsules tend to deliver a more intense espresso experience, whereas pods are better suited for those who prefer a milder, more traditional coffee.




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