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Café quality at the convenience of your office pantry!

your fresh roasted coffee supplier for every brewing method

As an experienced office coffee supplier, we understand coffee is a critical component of most businesses. Ensuring a steady coffee supply is essential for productivity and employee satisfaction. Businesses should consider factors such as the quality of the coffee, the brewing equipment, and the frequency of restocking.

For all the coffee brewing equipment in our range, we stock the right coffee for a delicious cup of coffee. Working with a reliable coffee supplier helps ensure a consistent supply of fresh, high-quality coffee, as well as access to equipment and maintenance support.

At Corporate Coffee Solutions, we offer a wide range of coffee machines, and for every machine there is a coffee to go with: 
beans, ground coffee, capsules, pre-dosed filters… we offer them all !

Coffee beans & ground coffee

Coffee beans and ground coffee for office coffee machines and espresso machines are an essential component of any coffee business. These machines require high-quality coffee to produce a satisfying and consistent cup of coffee or espresso. Coffee beans are preferred for traditional machines and automatic coffee machines as they can be freshly ground and provide a rich and more complex flavour. Ground coffee is typically used for vending machines as it offers a quick and easy brewing solution, still providing a flavourful cup. It’s important to choose the right beans or ground coffee to suit your machine and customer preferences.

For all the commercial coffee machines in our range, we stock the right coffee to brew a delicious cup of coffee:
beans and ground coffee for all automatic and traditional espresso machines. Our range includes 2 brands of coffee, Miko Coffee brand and Puro Fairtrade Coffee, each with different blends and roast profiles.

Capsules – coffee pods

Capsules for coffee pod systems have become a popular choice for coffee lovers who value convenience and consistency. These small pods contain precisely measured amounts of coffee grounds, which are sealed airtight to preserve freshness. They come in a wide range of flavors and strengths, allowing consumers to easily experiment with different blends and find their perfect cup. The capsule coffee system also eliminates the need for messy grounds and complicated brewing equipment, making it a hassle-free solution for busy mornings at the reception desk and in offices.

For all the coffee pod systems in our range, we stock the right coffee pods to brew a delicious cup of coffee.

Caffitaly System Capsules have a unique double filter feature, to ensure the subtle aromas of our coffee blends are perfectly preserved. Available in 2 brands, Miko and Puro Fairtrade, and 2 flavours: Espresso for ristretto, short black coffee and Caffé Crème for lungo, long black.
Our Nespresso© compatible capsules let you enjoy the most delicate flavours of our Puro Fairtrade and Organic coffee. These Nespresso© compatible coffee pods are available in blends for Espresso (30ml) and blends for Lungo coffee (130ml).

Pre-dosed filter coffee

Predosed filters ground coffee for filter coffee systems are a great option for those who prefer a classic cup of joe. These pre-packaged filters contain a precise amount of ground coffee, typically enough to brew one thermos flask or glass jug (around 10 cups).

The predosed pouches can be easily placed in a compatible filter coffee machine for a quick and convenient brew. The ground coffee is carefully selected and expertly roasted to create a consistent and balanced flavour profile. Pre-dosed filters also eliminate the need for measuring and handling loose coffee grounds, reducing the risk of spills and mess.

We supply both the free-on-loan filter coffee system as the predosed coffee pouches. The coffee is freshly roasted, ground and then packed in individual filter sachets to maintain all the aromas… Our pre-dosed, portion controlled coffee filters are the most convenient and affordable way to prepare coffee in the office. You get to enjoy freshly brewed coffee of constant quality, all day long.

Your trusted coffee supplier in South Africa

Have a coffee in mind that we can match? Would you like to have a tasting of the coffee blends we supply? We would love to share our passion for coffee with you! Let us assist you deciding which coffee brewing method and coffee blend suits best with your requirements.

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