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Delicious hot drinks at the touch of a button

vending machine ingredients to enjoy a hot drink

Keep your vending machine stocked with a selection of powdered cocoa for a hot chocolate or maybe a mochaccino, as well as milk powder and freeze-dried coffee. From the comfort of the office, employees can enjoy their favourite beverages even in between a tight schedule. These ingredients are also a great option for those looking for an alternative to their daily brew. So, why not sweeten up your work day with hot chocolate instead?

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Vending Machine Ingredients

The ingredients for coffee vending machines typically include freeze-dried coffee, milk powder, and cocoa.

Freeze-dried coffee is a type of instant coffee that is made by rapidly freezing brewed coffee and then using a vacuum to remove the water content, leaving behind a dry powder.

Milk powder is a dehydrated form of milk that provides a convenient and shelf-stable option for vending machines.

Cocoa powder is also often added to vending machine mixes to create chocolatey drinks, such as hot chocolate or mochaccino.

These ingredients are pre-mixed in the vending machine to create a quick and easy solution for customers seeking a warm beverage. Other benefits include their long shelf live and the fact they can be stored at room temperature.
Vending products offer a convenient and cost-effective option for businesses looking to provide coffee and other warm beverages to their customers and staff.

Cups, glasses and disposables

Providing a coffee machine and high-quality beans is integral to a happy and productive office. Knowing this, we offer a range of both disposable and reusable coffee cups so that you can have your coffee break whenever you need it. Our disposable takeaway paper cups and assorted lids are available in a range of sizes.

So whether you’re in the mood for espresso as you flip between spreadsheets, or are craving a cappuccino on the go, there’s a cup that’s right for your coffee. Or, for a more professional presentation, there’s also a range of porcelain cups and saucers, latte and macchiato glasses and embossed tea glasses, available in a variety of colours and sizes that are perfect for making the right impression on prospective clientele.

cleaning and descaling products

Cleaning tablets and descaler

Keep your coffee machine in tip top condition with ancillaries and cleaning tablets ordered all at the same time. With Corporate Coffee Solutions, you have the benefit of having 1 supplier for 100% coffee service. To accompany our coffee and machine equipment, we offer an extensive range of cleaning and descaling products.

Regular cleaning and descaling are essential to keep your coffee equipment in good condition as well as producing the very best drinks possible. That’s why coffee cleaning products and descaling products are an essential part of your coffee machine maintenance. We offer cleaning tablets and liquid for all our coffee equipment and traditional coffee machines.




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